Summersalt Clothing – Best suitable Tips for choosing summer clothes


With this torrid sundress, it is difficult to choose the right clothes, as we are witnessing a remarkable rise in temperatures, all of which prompts you to pay attention to your clothes, especially the clothes that are worn during the day in order to feel cold and reduce the severity of the temperatures so that you can perform the daily activities that you do. Choose the appropriate fabrics for the summer and take into account your choice that these fabrics absorb the unpleasant smell of sweat in the summer while doing a set of things that we will mention below.
And experts say the best way to help you feel cool in the summer is to choose fabrics that allow you to feel cool in the summer. And that the clothes should be wide and a little loose in order to achieve comfort and avoid tight clothes in hot weather.
According to German studies, loose and light clothing is the ideal choice for summer work clothes, in order to allow you to move without feeling irritated or disturbed by excessive sweat.

And due to the importance of choosing hot torrid summer clothes, we have introduced a set of textures from clothes suitable for the summer season, often natural tissues to protect the body from the impact of sweat and unpleasant odors.

You should take care that it is lightweight and well ventilated. You can achieve this by holding the fabric in your hands. If you allow the passage of air, it is comfortable to wear in the summer. If the fabric is heavy, it is uncomfortable for you in the high temperature.

As for ventilation, it is intended to search for a fabric that allows breathing and is most appropriate for fabrics made from natural fibers such as linen or cotton. These fabrics help you feel cool in the summer.

Tips for choosing Summer Clothes:

Color the clothes in the summer:

There is a set of colors suitable for the summer season that you should miss. Fashion experts recommend wearing light colors in the summer in order to work against the temperature such as white, yellow, beige, pink, red, cyan, light blue, light green, purple. The Conqueror. As for the dark colors that absorb the temperature, you should avoid it completely, especially in the daytime, as it traps the heat and makes you feel more hot, such as black, navy, and dark blue.

Wearing loose-fitting clothes:

Avoid wearing tight clothes that limit your movement, because blood vessels expand in the summer, so loose-fitting clothes allow air to enter and allow you to move freely.

Summer Style:

Suitable for summer, wide skirts, dresses and clothes with light sleeves, but with a commitment to apply sunscreen before going out to protect the skin from the sun’s rays, and when you ignore the application of sunscreen, the skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles and the appearance of signs of aging

Choosing the best fabrics for the summer season:


Linen is one of the best fabrics that you can wear in the summer, as it has a soft and light texture and dries quickly when wet as a result of perspiration. The only disadvantage that linen has is that it tends to wrinkle easily as a result of sitting for a long time. It is also susceptible to rotting if stored in a damp place and loses its color.


If linen is the king of fabrics, then cotton is the master of fabrics and it is the most worn fabric in the summer. And there are different weights for cotton in varying degrees in addition to that it is available at reasonable and comfortable prices for all classes.

Types of cotton fabrics such as lunch, Kasturi, gabardine, cotton are characterized by their ability to absorb sweat, withstand high temperatures, it has a soft and flexible texture, and withstands ironing and frequent washing.


Rayon cloth is made from the cellulose fibers of cotton and is chemically treated to turn into fibers that are distinguished by their strength and high ability to absorb moisture, so it is one of the appropriate tissues for the summer season. And one of its most important features is that it keeps ironing for a long time, and from its eyes, it is not recommended to wash it often because boiling water makes it lose its color and shine.

Natural silk:

It is characterized by its softness and luster and has a very beautiful shape, and there are types of it such as chiffon, crepe, and others. It is one of the strongest natural fibers and is characterized by its ability to withstand high temperatures as it absorbs moisture and retains about 30% of it. There are many bright and lustrous colors.


Cashmere is characterized by being much lighter than cotton and thus it is an ideal fabric for summer clothes and is wrinkle-resistant and thus has the ability to absorb moisture. However, this type of fabric needs special care when washing

Types of fabrics to avoid in summer:

Because of the high temperatures in the summer, you need to search in a wardrobe and choose the appropriate clothes that help you control sweat, so we have used a group of fabrics above that consist of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, cashmere. There is a group of fabrics that must be completely avoided…


Its fibers are made of rayon, which is almost the lightest type of fabric, yet it does not absorb sweat and is not suitable for summer temperatures as it does not feel comfortable and leads to redness of the skin.


One of the most common types of synthetic fabrics you can wear outdoors or in the winter. It is characterized by being resistant to shrinkage, has a flexible, shiny, and strong feeling, and does not absorb sweat, so when wearing it in the summer it is uncomfortable and leads to a rise in the body temperature.


This type of fabric is 100% synthetic and comes on top of the list of clothes that must be avoided in the summer. It is often used in the manufacture of socks. There is only one exception to nylon swimsuit in summer, as it is waterproof.

Acrylic Fabrics:

This type of fabric is very harmful because it may cause cancer, and the Environmental Protection Organization often prohibits its sale in the market.

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